Hypochondriacs Live Longer

  • First-hand experience: Jacob Hein is a psychiatrist himself
  • SPIEGEL Bestseller
  • #6 on the List of Best Non-Fiction Books in September 2020 presented by Deutschlandfunk Kultur, ZDF & DIE ZEIT
  • English sample translation available

Panic attacks, burn-out, relationship stress. Many people rely on the help of a psychiatrist or psychologist in the course of their lives. But how does the psychiatrist himself feel when the patient sits in front of him and tells him about his grief? 

The writer Jakob Hein has been working as a psychiatrist for over 20 years. He loves his medical career at least as much as writing novels. Both activities allow him to live out his affectionate and humorous devotion to human beings.

In this book, Jakob Hein takes readers along on a journey through his everyday life as a psychiatrist. He writes about his experiences and his approach to psychiatry, including his skepticism vis-à-vis restrictive diagnoses and expert gestures, about helpful conversations, placebos, and medications. But, above all, he shows that each person carries within him or her the code for unlocking his or her life’s treasure and that, time and again, it all comes down to trying to decipher it.

"A guide that is not only true to life, but also wise." – DIE ZEIT

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  • Publisher: KiWi-Taschenbuch
  • Release: 10.02.2022
  • 240 pages
  • ISBN: 978-3-462-00279-9
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Hypochonder leben länger
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Jakob Hein

Jakob Hein, was born in 1971. He holds a PhD in medical sciences and works as a psychiatrist and writer. Since 1998 he has been part of Berlin's literature scene performing at the Kaffee Burger club and other cult locations. He has published 14 books to date, including the bestseller Herr Jensen steigt aus (2006) and most recently Die Orient-Mission des Leutnant Stern (2018). He also writes theatre plays and screenplays.